Hyde Park COVID-19 Resource Outreach

A mutual aid effort supporting Hyde Park, Chicago and the surrounding communities.

What is this?

This project started as a temporary mutual aid effort to support each other in the Hyde Park, Chicago Community when COVID-19 began. The need for groups like this have only become more clear in recent weeks. In Hyde Park and our surrounding neighborhoods, there are a large number of families that were living paycheck to paycheck. The current pandemic has meant that many of these individuals have not been working or making their full incomes for several months now with no end in sight. This is an effort to connect those of us that have been privileged with economic security to redistribute our funds to those that have not.

For those able to help:

You can send general funds or look at our current funding requests.

Alternatively, money can be sent via:

If you want to donate but cannot do so electronically, please reach out via email. We can make arrangements to pick up cash or check.

Please either note in your payment or email me, with the name of the family or “general fund” to assure funds are allocated correctly.

Also, please note that this is not a 501(c)3 or formal organization. There is no tax benefit to donating through this effort.

Additionally, as an MSW and human, this effort is being organized based on trust. All funds given will be paid to the individual requesters. Any banking fees will be covered by me and not the individual requesting assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me.

For those that need help:

Due to Covid-19, there is a preference to transfer funds electronically. In cases where the request is for help accessing services such as groceries & errands or when electronic transfer is not possible arrangements will be made for contactless delivery.

When making your request, please evaluate carefully what is urgently needed. I realize that economic hardship for many is systemic and longstanding; but at this time of extreme circumstances, we are looking to fulfill urgent needs and trying to help as many individuals and families as possible.